Faculty of Medicine

On the move

The faculty administration moves back to Armauer Hansens House!

Anne Sidsel Herdlevær, UiB

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Many have noticed that Armauer Hansens House (AHH) has been covered with plastic and scaffolding for a long while, but soon, students and employees can move back to a completely renovated building. 

Most people are preparing for Christmas these days, but at the faculty administration at The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, everybody is preparing to move. After nearly two years in porter cabins, it is time to pack and move back "home" to AHH. 


New reading rooms and student facilities

Also the students will move to AHH. On the ground floor, reading rooms and other student facilities will open in January. The facilities are open for all students at the faculty. 

- We are very pleased to be able to offer a better working environment for our students, says Dean Nina Langeland.
- Now we have modern facilities for students both here and in the new dentistry building. We will also get more good facilities for teaching downstairs and in several other buildings, she adds. 


The information centre

The information centre for students will also be located on the grund floor of AHH. We look forward to being closer to the students again, says Marit Bergheim, coordinator for the information centre. - It has not always been tempting to go outside to find us at our current location, she adds, but from 7 January, it will be possible to walk indoors all the way from the BB building through the main hospital building and directly into AHH.