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Admission to Master's degree programmes at the Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine offers a variety of Master's degree programmes. Two programmes are taught in English.

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Admission requirements

To gain admission to a Master’s degree programme, a student must have achieved a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent higher degree (180 ECTS). To qualify for admission, the applicant’s average grade must be C or better in the main subject of his or her Bachelor’s degree (according to the Norwegian grading system).

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of vacant slots in any given programme, applicants will be ranked.

Please note that the different Master's programmes may also have additional admission requirements. This applies to language requirements as well. Please consult the programme descriptions below for more details. 


Master’s programmes

The Faculty of Medicine offers several Master’s programmes.


How to apply

Applicants residing in Norway and with a Norwegian ID number may apply through University of Bergen’s online application system Søknadsweb. The application deadline is 15 April. Please note that some programmes have different deadlines; consult the specific programme descriptions below for details.

Applicants residing in the EU/EAA and Switzerland are eligible to apply for admission to the Master Programme in Biomedical Sciences and the Master’s Programme in Global Health. The application deadline is 1st March through University of Bergen’s online application system Søknadsweb.

Students from other nationalities have a different application procedure and deadline: 1 December. Please refer to this website for more information: https://www.uib.no/en/education/48766/admission-masters-degree-programmes




All documents must be scanned and uploaded in PDF-format. Please note that we cannot evaluate your education/qualification unless all the requested documentsare included.

If your bachelor diploma is issued from a Norwegian university or a university college and you have already completed your degree, please include a copy of the entire diploma. If you have a foreign degree, please include the following:


1)         Certified copy of Bachelor Diploma

2)         Certified translation of Diploma unless it is issued in English, Norwegian, Danish or Swedish

3)         NOKUT recognition, if you have this

4)         Official course description and curriculum for all relevant courses

5)         An official description of the grading and weighting system used in your diploma

6)         A document containing information about which courses you are taking this semester

7)         Certified English or Norwegian proficiency test according to the language of the Master’s Programme. For more information on this, please consult the following links:



If you are completing your degree this semester, the final results must be uploaded to Søknadsweb as soon as possible and within 1 July. 

All students with education from other universities than the University of Bergen will be asked to present their original degree certificates, diplomas and transcripts when the programme starts in August.