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Privacy Policy

Many research projects at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry fall under the Norwegian Health Research Act and are notifiable to the Regional Committee for Medical and Health Research Ethics (REC). Other projects may not include health information, but if they entail the collection and processing of personal data they are covered by other regulations and are reportable to the Data Protection Official for Research.

he Faculty's strategy document states that "Our research and research training shall be characterised by curiosity and innovation, maintain high ethical standards and be of high international quality." This implies, inter alia, that high ethical standards are reflected in all research work, and that integrity, impartiality and independence will be key values.

The Norwegian Health Research Act aims to promote good, ethical medical and health research and apply to medical and health research on humans, human biological material or health information. Research on patients and health information used for other purposes, such as social purposes, is regulated by the Norwegian Personal Data Act and is reportable to the Data Protection Official for Research. In some cases it may also be necessary to obtain a license from the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. Quality assurance projects covered by the Norwegian Health Personnel Act shall also be notified to the Data Protection Official for Research.

Guidelines for medical and health research at MOF and Helse Bergen contains detailed practical information in Norwegian can be found here:


Application to REC:

On the REC website you will find all necessary information about the application process: 


Notification to the Data Protection Officer:

Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) is a Data Protection Officer for the University of Bergen. NSD has a separate notification form for registration of projects. On the website you can find the necessary information concerning the notification process: