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Submission and public defense

Here you can find information about submission of thesis, evaluation committee's work, printing of the dissertation, trial lecture and disputation conferral.

Disputasen er en offentlig presentasjon av forskningen doktoranden har gjort,...
The defense is a public presentation of the candidate's research and a worthy conclusion to the PhD period.
Mikko Heino

URKUND - Text recognition

University of Bergen uses a text recognition system called URKUND to review the summary of all PhD theses. The term "summary" refers to the introduction to the published articles. If the candidate has written a monograph, the whole thesis is reviewed. This can take up to a few days, but usually it takes a few hours.

The program is helpful for finding text similarity, to ensure that quotes are adequately referenced. The URKUND report is reviewed by the supervisor before applying for submission to the Faculty. The URKUND system will not necessarily get all sources, and does not replace the candidate's individual responsibility for good use of sources.


Submission of thesis

The candidate delivers his/her thesis to the Department. The department formally applies for submission to the Faculty, on behalf of the candidate. The candidate delivers the thesis electronically, as one pdf file on USB/memory stick or CD-ROM (four paper copies can be accepted if digital submission is difficult, please consult your department). The candidate shall submit the following to the department:

  • Application for submission of the thesis, signed by the head of department and supervisor (on paper).
    Forms can be found here (bottom of page). Here a proposal of a evaluation committee is announced. It is important to remember the academic degree and institution for the evaluation committee, as well as contact information (work address, email, telephone). Please note that the committee members can not have collaboration or published publications over the last five years with each other, the candidate or supervisors in order to be regarded as competent (cf. The Public Administration Act §§ 6-10).
  • Statement of co-authorship if the thesis consists of articles that use more than the candidate's contribution (on paper).
    Forms can be found here. The statement should describe the candidate's contribution to the individual sub-study/article, and shall be written in the same language as the thesis. The statement shall be signed by the supervisor and Head of Department. Separate forms are available at the same link as above. 
  • Preferably a USB/ CD-ROM with the thesis (including articles) into one pdf file or (if this is difficult to achieve) 4 hard copies of the thesis (not both). It is important that the USB/CD is otherwise empty.


Appointment of evaluation committee

  • The Faculty will appoint an evaluation committee on the proposal of the Department. The Department must ensure that the proposed evaluation committe is informed. The Faculty submit the thesis with regulation, guidelines and information to the committee members. Electronically submitted dissertations are sent electronically to the committee.
  • A copy of the appointment letter will be sent to the candidate, with a copy to the supervisor and the Department.
  • Within a month, the Committee shall have a date for the trial lecture and public defence. The committee leader shall contact the Faculty, and the Faculty will find an auditorium. Date of the defence can not be less than ten weeks after submission of the thesis. the public defence can not be held in weeks 26 - 33 or between 20 December to 5 January. 


Evaluation report

  • Within three months but not later than four weeks before the defence date, the Committee shall submit its recommendation to the faculty. The Faculty will send it to the candidate. The candidate has a deadline of working 10 days to submit written comments on the report.
  • The Department provides the chairperson (custos), and informs the Faculty. The Faculty writes a letter to the committee and the candidate that the thesis is accepted for the public defense of PhD degree. Copy is forwarded to the Department and chairperson (custos).
  • If the committee rejects the thesis, notification shall be given to the Faculty no later than one month before the date of the planned defense. Faculty notify the applicant immediately.


Printing of the thesis

  • The candidate orders format copying and printing. Please see https://www.uib.no/en/phd/110925/printing-and-public-availability for all information about printing
  • The thesis must be available to the public at least two weeks before the public defence
  • The candidate is responsible for ensuring that the PhD thesis is available in the auditorium during the public defence.
  • After submission, the candidate may apply to correct formal errors in the thesis (one time only). With the application you need to attach a list (errata list) displaying all the corrections you plan to make. Neither the corrected version nor the errata list should be sent to the committee. Template for the application / errata list is available via the above link. 


Press release and advertising

  • The candidate sends the press release and photo via https://avhandling.uib.no/en/ at least 14 days prior to the defense. The Faculty sends the press release and photo to the Division of Communication.
  • Portrait photos can either be arranged through Jørgen Barth (55 58 65 45) at the Faculty or UiB’s own agreement (see http://www.uib.no/en/node/105011 Link in Norwegian only), or be taken somewhere that offers digital passport photos or equivalent. Candidates should also check whether their department offer such services. when using a private photo, please make sure the format is suitable for printing, that the background is neutral and that you credit the photographer. 
  • For examples of press releases, see the Division of Communication's press center.
  • The Faculty announces the trial lecture and disputation approximately 14 days prior to the defense. The Department publishes information on UiB's website.


Trial lecture and public defence

  • The Department is responsible for practical tasks and completion of the trial lecture and defense, with the help of PC-guards (auditorium support).
  • It is usual to march in and out of the auditorium in following order; Chairperson (Custos), doctoral candidate, chairman of the evaluation committee, second opponent and the first opponent.
  • The Committee sends a topic for trial lecture to the Faculty who conveys it to the candidate 10 days (except for weekends) before the trial lecture. The trial lecture has a duration of 45 minutes, followed by questions and discussion (approximately 15 minutes).
  • On defense, the doctoral candidate initially explain the purpose and results of their work. The introduction should not exceed 30 minutes. The first opponent has ondisputation usually a period of 1-2 hours, and the second opponent 45-60 minutes. There is possibility of opposition ex auditorio.
  •  The evaluation committee leaves the room for short discussion before the result of the trial lecture and defence is presented for the public.  

Diploma (PhD-degree)

  • The faculty sends letter to the University Director's office that the trial lecture and public defense is approved or not approved. University Director's office sends letter back to the doctoral candidate.
  • Doctoral Promotion with handing out of diplomas takes place twice a year in Håkonshallen. Invitation for promotion are broadcast by the University Director's office. It is important that the candidate submit his/her new address in StudentWeb if he or she is moving between the defense and the promotion.