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Research Presentations 2015

A solemn ceremony at the Foyer of Sentralblokken, Haukeland University Hospital, ended the Research Presentations 2015.

Happy winners of Resarch Presentations 2015
HAPPY WINNERS: Back row (left to right): Einar Thorsen (supervisor and stand-in for Bente Frisk), Simon Dankel, Johnny Laupsa-Borge. Front row (left to right): Melissa Jørstad, Grethe Åstrøm Ueland, Karen Mauland (stand-in for Anna Berg) Nina Fålund (stand-in for Kjersti Oterhals).
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Main content

PhD candidates and other researchers affiliated with the Department of Clinical Medicine (K1) and the Department of Clinical Science (K2) at the University of Bergen as well as Haukeland University Hospital, presented their research during the Research Presentations 2015.

This year, there was a total of 42 posters and 15 oral presentations. The three best poster presentations and oral presentations were selected among all the impressive contributions by a committee, consisting of the professors Karen Rosendahl, August Bakke, Birgitta Åsjø, Hans Peter Marti, Olav Dahl and researcher Lise B. Gundersen. Both the scientific content and the presentation skills were some of the winning criterias. 

Oral presentations

The winners of the oral presentations were:

1. Simon Dankel (K2): «Genetic Influence on Energy Metabolism and Thermogenesis» 

2. Grethe Åstrøm Ueland (K2): «Does measurement of serum–dexamethasone increase diagnostic ac­curacy of the overnight DXM suppression test in the diagnostic workup of hypercortisolism?»

3. Johnny Laupsa-Borg: «Very-high-fat and low-fat isocaloric diets exert similar metabolic be­nefits but different temporal effects on cardiometabolic risk markers»


Poster presentations

The winners of the poster presentations were:

1. Anna Berg (K2): «Tissue and imaging biomarkers for hypoxia predicts poor outcome in endometrial cancer»

2. Melissa Davidsen Jørstad: «Improved diagnosis of extrapulmonary tuberculosis by antigen detection in extrapulmonary samples by immunochemistry-based assay»

3. Bente Frisk (K2): «Peak oxygen uptake and breathing pattern in COPD patients - a four year longitudinal study»

«People’s favorite»

New of this year was the «People’s favorite award», based on votes from the public. The poster winner of this award was Kjersti Oterhals, and the oral presentation winner was Grethe Åstrøm Ueland.