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New Student

Welcome as a New Student at The Faculty of Medicine!


Studenter utenfor BB-bygget
Eivind Senneset

There are much to remember when a new semester starts. On these pages, you will find helpful information that hopefully will guide you to a good start to your new semester. A lot of the information here, is also in your "New student" brochure.

Please look to uib.no/education for information to international students and applicants.

Introductory Programme for International Students

The introductory programme for the spring semester 2018 will start Thursday 4 January to Monday 8 January. The aim of the programme is to introduce all new international students to the University of Bergen and assist you in completing the various formalities regarding studies and stay in Norway.

We recommend all new international students to participate in the Introductory Programme!

You can find the schedules and reading list for each course in the course descriptions.

Important information

  • Semester registration deadline is 1 February (spring)/1 September (autumn)
  • Make sure exam dates and lectures do not conflict
  • See "My UiB" for schedules, messages, course information, etc.
  • Contact your information centre after semester registration if you need signatures for Learning Agreement, Confirmation of Arrival etc.