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Teaching portfolio workshops - spring 2020

Are you planning to apply for an academic position, a prolonged fixed-term contract or promotion to full professor? Or perhaps you are considering applying for the status as an excellent teaching practitioner? In all cases, you need to be able to document your educational qualifications in a teaching portfolio.

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Great workshop! Putting together my teaching portfolio now seems fully manageable.

Workshop participant 9th of March 2020


Teaching portfolios are used worldwide to document teaching competence. Center for Medical Education now offers workshops to get faculty members started on compiling their own teaching portfolio.

  • Thursday 28th of May (09:15-14:00) – DIGITAL WORKSHOP HELD IN ENGLISH
  • Monday 27th of April (09:15-14:00) – DIGITAL WORKSHOP HELD IN NORWEGIAN (full)
  • Monday 9th of March (09:15-14:00) – Board room, 4th floor Armauer Hansens hus (full)

We expect all participants to do approximately 2 hours of preparation prior to the workshop. Instructions will be given in advance. Those who have completed the workshop will be offered individual feedback on his/her portfolio upon request.

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The fact that we had to draft a teaching philosophy beforehand, and the discussion during the workshop, made me reflect on how and why I teach. Furthermore, it stimulated me to make adjustments!

Workshop participant 9th of March 2020