Core Facility for Metabolomics
  • Since the opening of the core facility, research has been focused on establishing robust methods that can be used in biobank studies and other large studies.
  • Estrogens are currently being analyzed in more than 2 000 serum samples from a population-based multinational study (Menopause and respiratory health: the role of sex hormones, lifestyle factors and hormone therapy).
  • Cortisol and cortisone analyses have been performed in saliva, urine and serum from healthy individuals and in patients with primary adrenal insufficiency, who receive cortisol substitution orally or subcutaneously by infusion pump.
  • Low concentrations of steroid hormones and metabolites in tissue fluid have been measured in several hundred samples obtained by microdialysis.
  • Concentrations of endogenous compounds (corticosterone) and drugs (methylprednisolone) have been determined in small series of tissue samples by standard addition.
  • Several smaller projects involving other drugs have been conducted or are ongoing:

          - Aminoglycosides: stability studies of several compounds.

          - Quantification of multiple tamoxifen metabolites in breast milk and serum.

  • Vitamin D: quantitative profiling of 8 metabolites in serum.