Medieval Research Cluster

Bergen Medieval festival 2018

During the Medieval festival you get the opportunity to meet a lively and colorful epoch and learn more about the culture and history in the Middle Ages.

Middelalderuken i Bergen 2018
MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL: A number of activities related to the Middle Ages will take place in Bergen 15–21 October,

Main content

15–21 October, a number of activities related to the Middle Ages will take place in Bergen. You can among other things attend city walks, lectures, concerts, and get insight into – and the opportunity to taste – the food people ate at that time.

  • What characterized the Middle Ages as an epoch?
  • What were the prevailing ideas and how was the position of the church?
  • How did people live, what did they eat and how did they interact?
  • What kind of music was played at that time and how do we understand medieval art?

The programme for the medieval festival will be announced continuously.

Conference 17–18 October

I vesterled – Westward bound
In the Viking age people sought from Norway over the sea – to raid, to trade, in peace and in war. Some settled, some returned. How did this contact effect the places where they arrived – and the place they left behind? How do we today interpret the source material? The Conference during Bergen Medieval Festival 2018 will look at the contact between the areas connected by the North Sea, focusing on the contact between Norway and Ireland (c. 800-1350). 

Interdisciplinary medieval conference, the University Aula at the University Museum of Bergen, 17-18 October