Medieval Research Cluster

Bergen Medieval Forum, Spring 2019

The programme for Bergen Medieval Forum is ready!

Academic debates could be rough in the Middle Ages.
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The Bergen Medieval Research Cluster organises a set of lectures every semester - beginning this Spring.

The purpose of Medieval forum is to create an informal and interesting interdisciplinary meeting place for the different research milieus which work with Medieval studies in Bergen - to discuss, to share ideas, and to explore new interests together.

The short Morning coffee lectures are relatively short lectures at the Library Special Collections in Bergen which are met with a prepared comment. The Forum meeting are longer lectures, in a more informal setting in town. 

Morning Coffee Lectures at the Special Collection

The Morning lectures are at 08:30, and consist of a short lecture of 30-40 minutes. After that, there will be an open discussion.

The first lecture is by Ole-Jørgen Johannessen on the classic manuscript on property rights and ecclesiastical structure in the early 13th century, Bergens Kalvskinn. The lecture is on Wednesday 6. March. Johannessen will be commented by Nina Stensaker.

25. april: Else Mundal. «Status og rettar i familien for kvinner i norrøn tid». Comments by Peter Hatlebakk.

9. mai: Sæbjørg Walaker Nordeide. «Kulisteinen og kristningen av Norge.» Comments by Alexandros Tsakos.

Coffee will be served at the Morning Coffee Lectures

Medieval Forum - in town

Medieval Forum begins at 18:00, and lasts a couple of hours. The Forum talks are longer than the morning lectures, but the purpose is also to provide a vehicle for discussion and interdisciplinary exploration. 

21. mars: Laura Saetveit Miles, «Birgitta of Sweden: medieval England’s most influential female author?» 

11. april: Jørn Øyrehagen Sunde og Alf Tore Hommedal, «Septer og tiggarstav – Magnus Lagabøter, frasiskanarane og Landslova av 1274»

21. mai: Eldar Heide, «Krigsskipsutviklinga på 1000-talet i Nord-Europa.»

The place will be announced in the fullness of time.