Michael Sars Centre

Eco-lighthouse at Sars

The Sars Centre became an Eco-lighthouse institute when the University of Bergen received its Eco-lighthouse certificate in 2015.

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The Eco-lighthouse is a certificate for environmental conscious organizations and businesses. It is delivered to highlight a constant commitment to reduce the impact of the workplace activity on the environment.

At the Sars Centre we created an environment committee in 2016 where we discuss environmental problems, come up with ideas to mitigate our impact, and try to implement those solutions.

Our goal is to rise environmental awareness, reduce our impact, and to help UiB on its way to become a greener University.

Since 2016 we reduced the amount of waste generated by the Institute, for example by replacing single-use plates and cutlery from social gatherings and facilitating waste recycling in laboratories and common areas. We raise environmental awareness in the institute by diffusing useful information to reduce our carbon footprint, in the domains of transportation, energy consumption and laboratory waste management.