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Fibrosis meeting, Bergen 2022

Symposium on tumor and tissue fibrosis

Group picture of Fibrosis Meeting in Bergen 2022
Torstein Ravnskog/UiB

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Symposium on tumor and tissue fibrosis

Bergen, Norway

Venue: June 9-10, 2022 - Max 60 attendants (including speakers) at Hotel Terminus. 
There will also be a live streaming of the event on Zoom.

Organizer: Donald Gullberg
All the sessions will be in-person, but also streamed live as Zoom webinar, and will be recorded and placed on a private YouTube channel.  A link to the videos on YouTube will be sent to all the participants of the symposium.

Thursday June 9  
Local time Bergen,
Norway (CEST*, UTC+2)
 9.00 - 9.40Donald Gullberg, University of Bergen
What is a fibroblast?
 9.50 -10.30Ritva Heljasvaara, University of Oulu
Collagens XIII and XV in fibrosis
10.40-11.00        Coffee 
11.00-11.40Sergey Plotnikov, UoT, Canada
Cytoskeleton protection by formin mDia1 is essential for cell responses to profibrotic stimuli
11.50-13.00          Lunch 
13.50-14.30Roger Oria-Fernandez, UCSF
Mechanotransduction in cancer
14.40-15.20Chris McCulloch, UoT, Canada
Role of DDR1 in fibrosis
15.40-16.00           Coffee 
16.10-16.50Tom Barker, University of Virginia
The Matrix: a major driver and therapeutic target of Fibrosis
17.00-17.40Andreas Romaine, UiO, Norway
Heart fibrosis
19.00                     Conference Dinner 
Friday June 10  
 9.00 - 9.40Ronen Schuster, CytoReason, Tel Aviv
High content approach to map fibroblast-macrophage interactions
 9.50-10.30Andrew Leask, USask, Canada
Turning it up to Eleven: Targeting the microenvironment in fibrotic condition
11.00-11.40Daniela Costea, University of Bergen
CAF heterogeneity in squamous cell carcinoma  
11.50-12.30Daniela Costea, Harsh Dongre and Stian Tornaas, University of Bergen
Hyperion demonstration
12.40-13.20           Coffee 
13.20-14.00Roya Navab, University of Toronto
CAF heterogeneity in drug-tolerant persister non-small cell lung cancer tumor
14.10-14.50Humphrey Gardner, Roivant Sciences, Boston
Stromal phenotypic markers and disease outcome in solid tumors
15.00-15.40Erine Budi, Pliant Therapeutics, San Francisco
Development of Integrin Inhibitors to Treat Fibrotic Disease

*) CEST = Central European Summer Time