Department of Natural History

Cnidaria and Ctenophora

We have a broad interest in the taxonomy, diversity, distributions, systematics, evolution, ecology, and general biology of medusozoan cnidarians and ctenophores in particular, but also other non-crustacean zooplankton.


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We use integrative morphological and molecular methods to study the taxonomy and systematics of medusozoan cnidarians and ctenophores. We have worked extensively on DNA-barcoding and mapping the diversity and distributions of particularly the Norwegian hydrozoan fauna, covering a large portion of both pelagic (siphonophores and hydromedusae) and benthic (hydroids) species and life stages, in collaboration with the Norwegian Taxonomy Initiative and NorBOL, but our research is not limited to Norwegian waters. Current projects include ParaZoo  (PI Martell) studying the diversity of metazoan parasites of non-crustacean zooplankton, and Pole2Pole (PI Soto) looking into the diversity and evolution of bipolar hydrozoans found in the Arctic and the Antarctic. Please visit our personal pages below to find out more about our current and past research activities.

Interested students are encouraged to contact us to discuss potential MSc projects or other student opportunities.