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Neuro-SysMed Seminar – Care

Welcome to Neuro-SysMed's monthly seminars! This time, topic will be on Care, with Bettina Husebø as chair. Title is "Can digital phenotyping replace the care for my granny?" Join us in the auditorium in Armauer Hansens Hus at 11:30–13:00 (lunch 11:30–12:00).

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Speakers: From the Care node: Bettina Husebø, Elise Førsund, Monica Patrascu and Brice Marty.

Title: Can digital phenotyping replace the care for my granny?

Chair: Bettina Husebø

Place: The auditorium in Armauer Hansens Hus (campus Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen)

Time: Wednesday February 14, 2024, at 11:30–13:00 (lunch 11:30–12:00). Please register before Feb. 8 at 11 AM if you wish to join the lunch.

Registration: please use this link.

Abstract: Norway is placed at the European top in resource use for health and care services (Health Commission Report, 2023) but already now, municipalities are struggling with a growing staffing crisis. Focus on technical aids is well established in diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. Welfare technology in the care services is also becoming increasingly widespread and contributes to better quality and a greater scope of services as a supplement to necessary care for patients and relatives. However, the technology is often not tested and implemented in those with complex conditions and people with neurological diseases, living at home and in nursing homes. Ethical approval processes are demanding when technology and artificial intelligence are to be used by those who are no longer able to give informed consent. In this seminar we are briefly addressing digital phenotyping in dying nursing home patients with dementia (B. Husebø, ERC project); smart living environments at Helgetun (Elise Førsund, ActiveAgeing); the development of a mobile platform to support safely and independently living at home with complex conditions (Monica Patrascu, CC.AGE), and how to analyze digital data by knowledge-based machine learning (Brice Marty, Algorithms class). 

Langage: English