The museum burglary

The police investigation

It is still unclear whether the burglary at the University Museum was done professionally, or if the objects were stolen more at random. “The police are working with both theories. We have no leads pointing in one direction or the other”, police officer Anita Dahl says.

Politibil ved Universitetsmuseet

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Approximately 400 items were stolen from the University Museum collection, most likely the evening of August 12. The burglars entered the building via a scaffold. The stolen objects, in large part from the Viking Age, had been in storage in the museum since March 17 this year.

The police are now awaiting results from the lab-analysis of leads found at the scene.

Important to spread information

Officer Dahl says there have been broad interest from the mass media about the burglary. She also believes it can be of importance that the University Museum and UiB have spread pictures and information about the stolen artefacts on their own channels.

 “I believe it can be positive for the investigation that many people now know about what has happened, and know the missing items. We hope this will lead to more concrete tips in the time to come”, police officer Dahl says.

In addition, the police in Bergen are cooperation with Økokrim, and Interpol.

Waiting for results

August 29, police officer Geir Lussand says the police in Bergen are still waiting for the lab-results.

 -We hope to get the results this week, he says.

Museum theft in Denmark

August 28, Danish media reported there had been a break in at Danmarks Borgcenter in Vordingborg. Like in Bergen, the burglars were after Viking-objects. Two men were arrested shortly after the break-in. There have since been raised questions as to whether the incident in Denmark is related to the burglary at the University Museum of Bergen.

According to Lussand, however, there seems to be no relation between the two incidents.