"Let there be light" wins the Golden Owl 2017

Presents the challenges and fascinations of fusion energy – how hope surrounding the artificial sun can save our energy demands.

Let there be light

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Since 2014 the University of Bergen has presented the Golden Owl to the best research education documentary at the Bergen International Film Festival. The winner of the Golden Owl 2017 was Let there be Light by Mila Aung-Thwin and Van Ryoko. Read the jury's verdict below:

This year the jury evaluated a number of films that present some of the big challenges that humanity is facing. 

The winner is a film that demonstrates both high quality cinematography as well as excellent research communication. 

The documentary is able to present the challenges and fascinations of basic research, the realities of research management and funding, and the importance of global collaboration to tackle some of the most urgent challenges of human life on this planet. 

The development from dreams to innovative research is shown through a combination of animated sequences and live footage. We learn how research into fusion energy has been a long and slow process fueled by creative minds who develop from young enthusiasts into idealist, and sometimes eccentric, researchers. Idealism collides with realism, when international partners struggle to bring a multi-billion dollar project back on track, while outsiders and garage-projects compete to win the race.  

The winner is Let There Be Light!

The jury is put together by five representatives from different parts of the University of Bergen. This year, the jury consisted of:

  • Kjell Øvre Helland, project leda, DigUiB Learning and Communication Lab
  • Christian Jørgensen, Associate Professor, Department of Biology
  • Kristine Jørgensen, Professor, Department of Information Science and Media Studies
  • Sigrun Åsebø, Associate Professor, Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies
  • Øystein Hauge, Department of Fine Art