The museum burglary

Two men arrested after museum burglary

Two men have reportedly been arrested in relation to the burglary where 400 viking treasures were stolen from The University Museum of Bergen in August.

Politibil ved Universitetsmuseet

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Norwegian newspaper Bergensavisen Thursday reports that two men have been arrested in relation to the burglary. Thursday a preliminary court hearing was held, and police attorney Linn Revheim confirms to the paper that two men have been arrested.

During the burglary, more than 400 objects of priceless cultural value, mainly from the Viking Age, were stolen.

Hope to get the artifacts back

BA is informed that multiple items stolen during the burglary, has been retrieved by the police.

"Now we hope to get our artifacts back" museum director Henrik von Achen says.

According to BA, one of the men is in his early fourties, from Bergen.

"My client admits partial culbability for what he has been arrested for", attorney Tore Johan Sørland says to the newspaper BT. Sørland will not confirm that the arrest is linked to the museum burglary. 

- Great news

UiB-rector Dag Rune Olsen is happy about the new development. 

"Even though we have to make some reservations, this seems like a breakthrough. Especially for the employees at the museum, the burglary and loss of artifacts has been tough. Now it looks like we have a possibility to get the treasures back, which is great news", Olsen says. 

He praises the work done by the employees after the burglary. Especially he points to the work done to make the stolen items known nationally and internationally, making them less salable.

After the break-in, measures were taken immediately to improve the secutity at the museum.

"Of course we have learned from this, and work to make sure something like this will not happen again. Now we hope that all our objects will be retreived", Olsen says.