Welcome to Bergen!

“We are grateful and proud you chose the University of Bergen, and will do our best to make your stay rewarding, Vice-Rector at UiB, Oddrun Samdal, told the new international students this week.

Welcome programme for international students
The UiB Vice-Rector for education welcomed the international students in Grieghallen.
Ole Marius Kvamme

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“It can be overwhelming to move to a new country, but it is also an opportunity to learn, make new friends and broaden your horizon”, said UiB Vice-Rector for education Oddrun Samdal at the welcome programme for international students, in Grieghallen, August 9th.

Want to know the culture

“I arrived Wednesday, so my first impression of Bergen is that it’s raining a lot. But it is also very green around here, with all the beautiful mountains”, says physics-student at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Lorentz.

His home university is LMU Munich, and he will stay in Bergen for one semester.

“Of course I want to learn to know the Norwegian culture and people. And I also expect a closer relationship between me as a student and the academic staff than in Germany. There are less students on the different courses than home”, he says.

“What do you expect from your stay in Bergen?”

“I actually do not know what to expect. I want Bergen to surprise me!” he states.

Friendly people

Another student attending the welcome programme, was 22-year-old Tanaya, from the National Law University, New Dehli. At UiB she will study at the Faculty of Law, and like Lorentz, she will stay in Bergen for one semester.

“It is very pretty in Bergen. Everyone is friendly and helps me. Since I don’t know the local language getting around is quite hard. But that is no problem, since it is really easy to get help from the Norwegians”, she says.

“I also have started to getting to know Fantoft - and I like it very much. There is so many people from all over the world. For instance I share kitchen with students from Germany and Finland”, she says, adding she would like to do some hikes in the mountains during her stay.

I believe the exchange of students to Norway, and from Norway to other countries, contributes to personal growth.

100 countries

More than 1000 international students from more than 100 countries is attending courses at UiB this year, at all seven faculties.

Here you find all you need to know during your first weeks as a UiB student.