International students

"We feel really welcome in Bergen"

Law students Zhao Yixian and Lin Zihui from China were among the many attendees at the first day of the welcome programme for new international students at UiB.

Internasjonalt mottak
Law students Lin Zihui (left) and Zhao Yixian from China will stay five months as exchange students at the University of Bergen.
Jørgen Thune Johnsen, UiB

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The welcome programme for new international students at the University of Bergen started August 8. It offers a chance to meet other students, and to get to know the university and the surrounding area.

Excited to get started

 “This is our first time in Norway, but we knew about the University of Bergen through the exchange program between our university; China Foreign Affairs University and UiB. We know older students who has previously been exchange students at UiB. They have spoken fondly about their stay here, says Zhao Yixian and Lin Zihui.

The two 19 year-olds will stay as exchange students in Bergen for the next five months. They are excited about starting their studies, and getting to know the city.

 “People in Bergen seems friendly, and we feel really welcome here”, the two says.


“This is an important day for our university and I am proud and honored to welcome you all to the University of Bergen. We will contribute as best we can to make your stay enjoyable and productive, vice rector for education, Oddrun Samdal said in her welcome speech Thursday.

The vice rector further said that internationalization is of critical importance to higher education:

“We believe that our Norwegian students going abroad, and international students spending a semester or more at UiB, contribute to an increased quality of their education and also their personal growth”.

She understands that being a new student in a country previously unknown can be overwhelming.

“But it is also a unique opportunity to learn, to make new friends, to broaden your horizon”, Samdal said, encouraging the new students to also explore social and cultural opportunities in Bergen, for instance by joining one of the many student organizations.

“Student driven organizations are a great way to make new friends and establish both social and academic networks”.

Welcome programme

The UiB campus lies surrounded by seven mountains, and at the welcome ceremony, The Norwegian Trekking Association was invited to speak about how to best enjoy Norwegian nature and stay safe at the same time.

In addition, Sammen told the many attendees how you can benefit from the variety of their offers in your daily student life.

The welcome programme for new internastional students continues until Tuesday 13 August.