Climate debate

Climate neutral University – debate

How will we reach the goal of becoming climate neutral within 2030? The university management invites students and staff to a debate on November 1.

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Paul Sigve Amundsen

The reports from our climate scientists are clear: The total CO2 emissions must decrease.

Former solutions are not enough as the world temperature is rising, and the glaciers are melting. To solve the global challenges, we need research-based knowledge about food, technology, energy and transport.

University of Bergen aims at climate neutrality within 2030. To reach that, we need to cut 89 percent of our CO2 emissions within the next ten years. This means major cuts in CO2 emissions related to travel, purchase, buildings and land use.

  • Will we be able to do these cuts fairly?
  • How can the university expand, while the climate imprint is getting smaller?
  • How will scientists be more outstanding, and education become more international, at the same time as everyone should fly less?

November 1, we will debate these questions in Teglverket at Kvarteret.

The debate will take place in Norwegian.