UiB in Uganda

Shows support to sexual minorities in Uganda

Leaders from the University of Bergens shows its full support to sexual minorities in Uganda.

UiB og SMUG i Uganda
Assistant University Director Tore Tungodden, Vice Dean of Research, Faculty of Medicine, Marit Bakke, and Pro Rector Margareth Hagen visited SMUG and their Executive Director Frank Mugisha.
Andrea Magugliani

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Tuesday the 5th of November, a delegation of the University of Bergen including Pro Rector Margareth Hagen, Assistant University Director Tore Tungodden and Vice Dean of Research, Faculty of Medicine, Marit Bakke, visited the SMUG Center (Sexual Minorities Uganda) in Kampala.

The University of Bergen is present in Kampala to celebrate the 30 years of collaboration between Makerere University and University of Bergen.

SMUG is a LGBTI led non-governmental community-based network formed in March 2004 to address human rights issues based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The network advocates for the protection of the rights of LGBTI people in Uganda and to end the stringent discrimination against sexual and gender minorities.

The University of Bergen decided to show its support to the work done at the center by visiting the administration offices of SMUG. During the meeting with Executive Director and Rafto Award Winner Frank Mugisha future ways of support and cooperation were discussed.

- We are very concerned by the current situation in Uganda. This is why the University of Bergen shows its full support to the SMUG center and to the LGBTI community in Uganda, says Margareth Hagen during the visit.