Merry Christmas from the University of Bergen

With this video consisting of students at the Grieg Academy, the rectorate at the University of Bergen wishes all students and staff a merry Christmas.

Jul, jul, strålande jul | UiB

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Dear students and co-workers

The holiday season is getting closer, and it's the end of another eventful year at the University of Bergen. 

We look forward to entering 2020 with all of you. Together we will research and educate to make the next year another one filled with knowledge. 

But first, the rectorate at the university wishes all of you a peaceful and merry Christmas, and a happy New Year. 

Best wishes from Rector Dag Rune Olsen, Pro-Rector Margareth Hagen and Vice-Rectors Oddrun Samdal, Robert Bjerknes and Annelin Eriksen

Song: Jul, jul, strålande jul
Text by Edvard Evers, music by Gustaf Nordqvist

Sung by the student choir Primula Veris, consisting of students from the Grieg Academy at UiB.

Maria Myklemyr Reite
Annika Synnøve Beinnes
Dorthea Bergo
Marte Helene Arnesen Einan
Anne Daugstad Wik
Joar Simarud Stabell 
Filip Berg Eriksen 

Sound: Davide Bertolini

Video: Anita Vedå, Smau Media