The coronavirus

The university will be closed from 12 March 2020 at 6 pm

All students and employees are asked to leave campus and to work or study from home.

råd til UiB-ansatte i forbindelse med korona
Employees and students have to follow the advices given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Instiute of Public Health.

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The Norwegian government has introduced exstensive measures to prevent transmission of corona virus. Among the new measures is a closing of all universities and colleges. Hence, all UiB buildings will be closed for students and staff.

Staff and students are asked to collect the relevant assets needed to work and study from home.

For now students and employees are able to access buildings with key cards (at least until friday 5pm). For those who are unable to collect their belongings there will be an opportunity to access the buildings later.

UiB will maintain critical functions and emergency management. You will find updated information at uib.no about the consequences of the measures

Information line for students and employees: 555 88 555

(The lines are open from 8am - 8pm, weekends 10 am - 18 pm) 

School Exams cancelled

The closing of UiB means all written exams on Friday March 13th are cancelled.  You will be offered another type of digital assessment for your examination on a later date this semester.

Moving forward, all teaching/tutoring and examinations will made available on various digital platforms, to ensure that you as a student do not lose your study progression.

Your faculty will provide you with further information on how and when the alternate digital assessment will be arranged as soon as it has been decided.

More information for students here

Thursday 12th of March UiB has chosen to introduce a number of measures to limit the risk of infection.

  • All tuition and lectures that requires students to be presents at campus is cancelled. This is valid from 12th of March.
  • All student and staff are kindly asked to leave campus.
  • Reading rooms will be closed.
  • All conferences and courses are cancelled.
  • The Univesity Museum will be closed.
  • As far as possible, UiB will offer digital tuition. Further notice will be given.
  • There will be changes when it comes to the exams. We are working on finding the best digital solutions possible.
  • Councelling will also take place by phone, skype or email.
  • Exam: The University is working with different solutions for the exams.
  • Faculty of Medicine: Information for students and staff at The Faculty of Medicine


News from The Directorate of Health:

  • All travellers who have arrived from outside Norden, are to be quarantined for the next 14 days, regardless of symptoms - with retroactive effect, counted from the 27th of February.
  • Please avoid leisure travels if you can.
  • When possible, avoid public transport and other crowded places
  • All business trips are to be cancelled.

Information for student teachers at UiB: Recommendations on the transition from campus-based teaching to online teaching

Please work from home

The University follows advises given by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health to facilitate home office for employees. This implies that you are recommended to work from home, and to perform your regular tasks from home.

This also applies if your or your children are being quarantined. If you are unable to perform your work tasks due to closed schools or day care, you will, with regard to HTA §22, be granted a personal leave of abcence.

Report infection

If you have been diagnosed with coronavirus, please contact the HSE by phone (+47) 55 58 87 33.

Students who have been diagnosed with corona virus infection or have been in direct contact with people who have been diagnosed with corona virus infection should report this to UiB immediately here: Notification from confirmed or potentially contageous student.

Employees who have been diagnosed with corona virus infection or have been in direct contact with people who have been diagnosed with corona virus infections should report this to UiB immediately here: Notification from confirmed or potentially contageous employee.

This is to be able to implement measures to prevent further spread of infection (disinfection of premises) and to notify other potentially infected students.

The current situation at UiB 

An exchange student at UiB has been diagnosed with corona virus. The student is quarantined at his home at Sammen student hall.

The student is being followed up by Bergen health service. The person is not severely ill.

The health authorities are tracking the potential spread, and have contacted the persons who have been in close contact with the student. Affected students are encouraged to remain in home quarantine for the rest of the week.