Please look after each other

- There are challenges ahead, but we will look after each other, pro-rector Margareth Hagen says in this message to students and employees.

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Dear all!

What we experienced yesterday was historical: The country's prime minister closed Norwegian universities.

None of us have experienced a situation like this before.

I've also never been more proud to work here – because what we experienced yesterday was simply impressive. As an institution, we were prepared and acted in unity.

Thank you.

We know that there are challenges ahead of us. At the University of Bergen, efforts are now being made at all levels of the organization to deal with the consequences of closing the campus.

All employees who do not have critical tasks for the institution should work from home. The faculties are now mapping – together with the university leadership – which functions are critical to conduct our business and what staff must be mobilized to carry out these tasks on campus.

We are over 17,000 students and almost 4,000 employees.

We are an important community institution.

In the next few weeks, we all need to continue working on our studies, assignments and research projects. Working and cooperating from home will require that we are able to adjust.

This is a digital communal work, but also communal work for our professional communities and the student communities. Creating professional digital meeting places is now more important than ever. Research groups and professional communities that do not otherwise have regular meetings should create these now, and ask colleagues if they would like to join. It is important for the research, the education and the professional communities that we stay connected.

Many will now be without their usual social network. I encourage students to create new digital meeting places. Log in and seek out friends. We have to look after each other. We can make some extra phone calls, and encourage fellow students to participate on shared platforms.

At the University of Bergen we create knowledge that shapes society.

Now we show social responsibility for society through solidarity and knowledge.

All the best!

Pro-rector at the University of Bergen, Margareth Hagen