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25 proposed Centres of Excellence from UiB

25 of the leading academic environments at the University of Bergen (UiB) have applied to the Norwegian Centres of Excellence scheme (SFF).

25 teams from six faculties have applied to the Research Council's Centre of Excellence (SFF) scheme. The candidates for the second round of the competition will be announced this spring.
Simon Skjelvik Brandseth

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The SFF scheme is the Research Council of Norway's ultimate tool for promoting quality in research. The funding facilitates the academic environments at the centres to deliver long-term research at a high international level for up to 10 years.

UiB started a process for long-term planning of new SFF initiatives in 2018. The process is led by Rector Margareth Hagen, together with the deans from all faculties and the Sars Centre’s leadership.

“Attaining more Centres of Excellence is important to us. The SFF scheme promotes free and groundbreaking research, and SFF status will increase the long-term nature of the research and raise the quality further”, says Hagen.

Director Benedicte Løseth, Division for Research and Innovation, emphasizes that the applications come from six of the university's seven faculties:
“Both the breadth of disciplines and the large proportion of female center leaders are uplifting for the university”, says Løseth.

UiB’s applications

The results from the first round of evaluation, deciding which applicants will advance to the next round, will be announced in the spring of 2021.

The 25 competitors from UiB are:

Proposed centreLeaders
Faculty of Humanities 
Center for Digital Narrative (CDN)Scott Rettberg and Jill Walker Rettberg
Center for Visions of the Arctic (VOA)Sigrid Lien and Lars H. Smedsrud
Centre of Actionable Knowledges (AcKnowledges)Jeroen van der Sluijs 
Faculty of Medicine 
Norwegian Centre of Excellence in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (TEReg)Kamal Mustafa
Centre for translational epidemiologyTone Bjørge
Center for systems medicine in endocrinology (ENDO4P)Eystein Husebye and Helge Ræder
Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting in Health (BCEPS+)  Ole Frithjof Norheim and Guri Rørtveit
Centre for multi-generation science of health and disease (CASCADE)Cecilie Svanes
Center for Diabetes Mechanisms: from placenta to pancreas, from molecules to man (DIA-MEC)Pål Njølstad
Faculty of Psychology 
Center for Biomolecular resilience BIOMOREStefan Koelsch and Mathias Ziegler
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences 
Centre for Past Variance and Transitions in the Earth System (paleoTIES)Ulysses Ninnemann and Camille Li
Bergen centre for AnthropoCene Ecology (BACE)Vigdis Vandvik and Inger Måren
Centre for evolutionary cell biologyAndreas Heijnol  and Randi Bertelsen
Mathematics for Interdisciplinary Science (MIS)Jan Martin Nordbotten and Inga Berre
Centre for Discovery of Complex Molecules (CDCM)Deryn Fogg and Vidar Jensen
Birkeland Centre for Space Science - II (BCCS-II)Nikolai Østgaard and Karl Laundal
Centre for Advanced Prediction of the Climate and Marine Ecosystems (CAPE)Noel Keenlyside
Center for Marine Systems EcoToxicology (MariSET)Anders Goksøyr and Jutta Dierkes
Interdisciplinary Centre for Hydrogen Safety and Governance (HySAGO)Trygve Skjold and Gisela Böhm
Center for Social AlgorithmsFedor Fomin
Faculty of Social Sciences 
Center for Research on Democracy in the 21st century (DISCONNECT)Elisabeth Ivarsflaten
Center for Anthropological Political Economy (CAP)Don Kalb
MEDIATRANS: The Center for the Study of Transgressive MediaAsbjørn Grønstad and Kristine Jørgensen
Faculty of Law 
REFORM: Setting up legal reform research for the 21st CenturyJørn Jacobsen and Sigrid Eskeland Schütz
Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology 
Centre for Evolutionary NeuroscienceFabian Rentzsch