Video interview with Holberg Prize winner Bruno Latour

The French academic Bruno Latour received the Holberg Prize for 2013 at a ceremony in Håkonshallen in Bergen on Wednesday 5 June.

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Norway’s Minister of Education and Research, Kristin Halvorsen, presented the prize to Latour. At the ceremony, Halvorsen also presented the prize to the winner of this year’s Nils Klim Prize, Ingvild Almås of the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

Humour and creativity

When the prize was announced in April, Bruno Latour was described by the Holberg Prize’s Academic Committee as a creative, humorous and unpredictable researcher.

Latour is considered to be a pioneer within science and technology studies, an emerging direction within both social sciences and the humanities. His work constantly moves in new directions and his scientific activity is in constant flux.

He has challenged fundamental concepts, such as the distinction between modern and pre-modern, nature and society, human and non-human. He has introduced new notions within the philosophy of science, spearheaded the evolution of new ethnographic research methods, and introduced new ideas and communication opportunities for collective research projects.

International influence

Latour’s work has made an impact internationally and has influenced work in research areas such as scientific history, art history, history, philosophy, anthropology, geography, theology, literature studies, and law studies.

Before the prize ceremony, there will be an interview with Bruno Latour on Monday 3 June at Litteraturhuset in Bergen city centre with the subtitle ’Experimentation in political arts’.

On Tuesday 4 June, the Holberg Symposium with Bruno Latour takes place in Auditorium A at Studentsenteret at the University of Bergen. The subject for the symposium is ’From economics to ecology’.

On the Holberg Prize’s webpages there is a Q&A with Bruno Latour: ’To find the truth of a situation’.

For more information, visit the home page of the Holberg Prize.