Record support for cancer research

The Norwegian Cancer Society has granted 147.7 million Norwegian kroner to cancer research. Of this, 25.5 million was awarded to researchers at the University of Bergen

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– The funding from the Norwegian Cancer Society is of incredible value for our research. These funds help researchers to continue their research. For those of us who work in Basic Sciences, the allocations have been pretty stable and this enables us to take a long-term perspective on our work, Professor at the Department of Biomedicine Stein Ove Døskeland says.

Historical support

26 researchers from the University of Bergen (UiB) and four researchers from Haukeland University Hospital will now receive full funding or part funding of their research projects. Alongside the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital, UiB is the main recipient of the funding resources from the Norwegian Cancer Society.

147.7 million Norwegian kroner are also the single largest allocation in the history of the Cancer Society. A total of 153 applications from 12 research institutions and centres received support.

Gastrointestinal research wins out

– We are very pleased to grant record extra money this year so that more projects can be carried out. We support cancer research because we know that this is the right approach to achieve better treatment for patients and improve and increase the life span of future cancer patients, assistant General Secretary at the Norwegian Cancer Society Ole Alexander Opdalshei says in a press release.

Gastrointestinal research is the clear winner in terms of the money awarded. Amongst the projects that have been allocated money, there is everything from basic research to applied scientific research, from patient focused research to community surveys.