Meeting in support of Japan

On Tuesday the University of Bergen will arrange a meeting in support of those affected by the crisis in Japan.

The earthquake, tsunami and devastation in Japan have had major consequences. At 12 o’clock Tuesday in Auditorium 2 on Dragefjellet, the University of Bergen will host a meeting to demonstrate support for those who are affected by the natural disasters. The University will also share information about the incidents and Japan.

Open for all

The meeting is open for everyone: Students, staff, media and others who want to demonstrate their support and learn more about the situation.

Kuvvet Atakan is Vice-Rector for Education at the University of Bergen and professor of geodynamics. He is an expert on earthquakes and tsunamis, and will present current knowledge from the situation in Japan.

Jan S. Vaagen, a professor at the Institute of Physics and Technology will talk about nuclear power. Associate Professor at the Institute for Comparative Politics, Jan Oskar Engene, will inform about the political situation in the country.

Japanese students participate

Benedicte Irgens, Senior Lecturer in Japanese at the University of Bergen, in collaboration with Japanese students, will talk about Japan and the consequences of the earthquake.

Representatives from the Red Cross will explain more about the relief efforts carried out in the country.

There is a strong desire within the organization to mark solidarity and support for Japan. Five exchange students from UiB were in Japan during the earthquake. In addition, 17 Japanese exchange students are currently visiting the University of Bergen.