Record number of international students

The University of Bergen welcomes 715 new international students this autumn. A new record. The students first meeting with UiB is a crash course in how to be a student in Bergen.

Viserektor for internasjonale relasjoner Astrid Andresen ønsker høstens...
Viserektor for internasjonale relasjoner Astrid Andresen ønsker høstens internasjonale studenter velkommen. Rekordmange 715 utenlandske studenter har funnet veien til UiB i høst.
Kim Andreassen

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On Thursday 9 August, UiB welcomed its 715 new international students with a special introductory programme.

– The introductory programme is extremely important and a good way of getting across relevant information necessary for international students to settle in Bergen, says UiB’s Vice-Rector for International Relations Astri Andresen.

Over four hectic days, the students are given information about student life in Bergen. Everything from a course in how to survive life as a student in Bergen to offers of TB testing.

Full information about the introductory programme for autumn 2012.

Diverse environment

Andresen believes that the international students are an important resource for UiB.

– The international students bring different perspectives and diversity to UiB. Also, the social environment is enriched when people from different backgrounds come together, she says.

Danny Hitchcock is one of the many international students who have found their way to Bergen this autumn. He got to know a Norwegian back in Australia and this triggered his interest in all things Norwegian. He is now aiming for a master’s degree in biology at UiB.

– The choice was between Oslo and Bergen. I chose Bergen because the city seems so nice and intimate. I have also learned that UiB offers high quality biology courses, Hitchcock says.
Vice-rector Andresen believes that UiB is a smart choice for international students.

– UiB has a wide-ranging selection of courses and the social environment is considered to be very good. We also have a lot of international students from a diverse background, so that things are well prepared for international students arriving in Bergen, she says.

Satisfied students

Andresen refers to a survey recently conducted amongst international students at UiB. It shows that international students are very satisfied with UiB’s academic offerings and the quality of teaching.

– Satisfied students have a ripple effect. Many new students arrive because Bergen has a good professional and social reputation.

All in all Norway has a good welfare system in place for international students, including residence guarantee.

– Norway may have better prospects than other European countries right now, Andresen suggests.

Student welfare

The Australian student Hitchcock is pleasantly surprised by all the services that UiB offers its international students.

– I’ve never experienced that international students are greeted in such a manner and receive this degree of information at Australian universities, Danny Hitchcock says.