Whale washing

The century old whale skeletons at Bergen Museum are getting an "extreme makeover" to preserve them for the future. Meet the professional whale washers in this video.

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The Whale Room has been listed for its historical importance by The Directorate for Cultural Heritage and has one of the world’s largest collections of its kind in the world. 

Most of the species of whale found in the North Atlantic are represented here, and many of the skeletons are now impossible to get hold of because the animals themselves are disappearing:  Many of them are threatened by extermination, and some are on the endangered animals list.

The 22 whale skeletons provide valuable scientific reference material, so it is vital that the renovation doesn’t destroy the DNA and the various substances found in the bones.

But what is the best method for cleaning skeletons? Watch the video on the top right of this page.

Restoration of the whale skeletons is part of a big Museum project at Bergen University.  Bergen Museum is to become an important meeting place for research dissemination and dialogue.