Discovering secret Bergen

”Nye høyder: Discover Campus” is an architectural guide offering an opportunity to discover the secret world of the University of Bergen’s buildings – haunted or not.

Main content

The guide is launched this month and initially aimed at new students. The guide is available in both English and Norwegian and is part of a larger effort to nurture the strong ties between the University of Bergen (UiB) and its students.

– The main goal is to make new students aware of the historical, architectural and aesthetics of the UiB’s buildings. We hope that this knowledge will create even stronger bonds to the university and the distribution of the guide to first-year students is the first step of many to bring attention to the university’s physical presence, Mats Eltervåg of the UiB’s Department of Estate and Facilities Management says.

New heights

“Nye høyder” literally means “new heights” and is a play of words on the small hillside Nygårdshøyden (“the Nygård heights”) in the centre of Bergen, where the UiB is located. In the guide there is a selection of buildings that are presented in words and images, representing the diversity of the UiB’s buildings.

The booklet contains protected and non-listed buildings alike, and photos show the interiors of buildings that most students probably know little about. Among the hidden treasures is the giant Van de Graaf generator in the university’s nuclear laboratory.

Digital journey

The guide is however not only available in print. There is also a version on Gowalla, a mobile phone application used to check in to places you visit using your smartphone’s GPS function. This social web service can also be used to create so-called “trips”. In conjunction with the guide’s launch a digital tour guiding you from building to building can be downloaded.

The UiB leadership wishes to increase the use of and interest in the university’s historical properties and other focal points for students and staff. Not only does the booklet contain the architectural guide but also maps and a preface by the UiB’s Rector. “Nye høyder: Discover Campus” will have an initial printrun of 6.500 copies and will be distributed to all new students upon registration of the student card at the Student Centre (Studentsenteret).