Super Collider: recreating the Big Bang

The film Particle Fever shows the whats and the whys of the scientific work done at the CERN reactor. It is screened at the BIFF festival.

Image from the documentary film Particle Fever.
DECONSTRUCTING SCIENCE: The documentary film Particle Fever goes behind the scenes at the CERN reactor and tries to explain why this work is of such great importance.
Bergen International Film Festival

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On Monday 28 October, Professor David Kaplan of the Johns Hopkins University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy visits Bergen to speak as part of the Horizons lecture series, organised by the University of Bergen’s Department of Biology.

In the lecture Kaplan will describe what is known about the laws of the nature of matters at the deepest level – quantum field theory – and what it ’means’ to discover new particles. Kaplan’s Horizon lecture is open to all – read more about it here.

Professor Kaplan is also one of the stars of the documentary Particle Fever, which is screened four times during the on-going Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF). One of the screenings is on the evening after Kaplan’s lecture. Interested parties are advised to book tickets early, as this is one of the buzz films of the festival and may sell out quickly.