Innovation in research

Four research groups at the University of Bergen are applying to become Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI), which are selected in autumn 2014.

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INNOVATION AND INTERNATIONALISATION: The SFI scheme is meant to support long-term research and promote more collaborations between industry and academia, as well as fostering innovation and international relations.

Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI) is a Research Council of Norway supported scheme to promote innovation by supporting long-term research through close cooperation between R&D intensive companies and prominent research institutions.

SFI aims to develop skills at a high international level and to foster innovation and added value. The SFI scheme will enhance technology transfer, internationalisation and research training.

Financing of a SFI centre is shared between industry, host institution and the Research Council of Norway. Businesses involved in the scheme must actively participate in the management, financing and research at the centre. The centres will be established for a maximum of five years, with a three year extension option.

In 2014, four UiB hosted research environments have applied for SFI status through the scheme. Read more about the four centres in the articles below.