Particle physicist receives multimillion funding

Kristian Smeland Ytre-Hauge has been awarded eight million Norwegian kroner from the Bergen Research Foundation for a new research project designed to improve radiotherapy methods.

Portrait of Researcher Kristian Smeland Ytre-Hauge, Department of Physics and Technology, University of Bergen.
HELPING CANCER PATIENTS: Researcher Kristian Smeland Ytre-Hauge, from the Department of Physics and Technology at the University of Bergen (UiB), leads a research group working towards creating a particle therapy centre for cancer patients in Bergen.
Kim Andreassen

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In December 2014, Kristian Smeland Ytre-Hauge, researcher at the Department of Physics and Technology at the University of Bergen (UiB), was awarded the funding from the Bergen Research Foundation (BFS). This is part BFS’s long-term strategy to build internationally leading research environments in Bergen.

Ytre-Hauge’s new research project kicked off in January 2015, and the funding covers a four-year period. His research is on particle radiation, and the goal is that this in the future will be linked to the creation of  a new radiotherapy centre in Bergen. This centre will be a collaboration between UiB and Haukeland University Hospital (HUS).


From basic research to applied science

“My role is to be a link between the university and the hospital, in terms of teaching, building expertise and to conduct research that will be useful for treatment at a new radiation centre,” says Kristian Smeland Ytre-Hauge.

In the last few years, the UiB researcher has explored various types of radiation and how treatment using different doses of radiation affect the human body. Amongst other, he compares the use of photon beams with particle radiation.

“Dose measurements and data simulations will be the initial focus of the project,” he says. “This to study the particular biological effect that carbon ions and also protons may have.”

Ytre-Hauge will work closely with the cancer research environment at UiB and HUS.