Record-breaking spring for international admissions

The University of Bergen welcomes 359 new international students in the spring semester 2015. The number has increased by 80 students from spring 2014. This is the highest number of international students ever admitted at UiB in a spring semester.

International Students
SETTING A NEW RECORD: In spring 2015, 359 new international students arrived at UiB, a new record for international student admittance in a spring semester.
Eivind Senneset

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Germany tops the list with 58 students, followed by Australia (44) and Italy (30), with China (including Hong Kong) and Poland next on the admittance list for spring 2015.

“It’s a goal for UiB to attract more international students, so we are very excited about this,” says Sigrún Stefnisdóttir, who works with admission of exchange students at UiB’s Division of Student Affairs.

“We’re not quite certain why there has been such a big increase this spring. However, we did notice a small decline in the admission numbers for the autumn semester, so part of the explanation may be that some of those students have chosen to go on exchange in the spring semester instead.”


Students from all over the world

The international students come from all over the world, and the newcomers represent more than 50 different countries.

Women are in the majority with 61 %. Out of 359 students, 220 are women and 139 men.


Evenly distributed across faculties

The new students are evenly distributed between UiB’s six faculties. The majority will attend the Faculty of Social Sciences (74), while the Faculty of Law receives the lowest number of international students (46).

Currently there are altogether more than 800 international students at the University of Bergen. Most international students arrive during autumn, and in autumn 2014 there were 765 new students arriving at UiB. The number of new international students this spring is the highest ever for a spring semester.