STRATEGY 2016 -2022

New University of Bergen strategy adopted

Ocean, Life and Society are the central themes of the University of Bergen’s new strategy.

Front page of the strategy
NEW STRATEGY APPROVED: Sea, Life and Society are the unifying words of UiB’s new strategy. The plan comes into operation in 2016 and lasts until 2022.

Main content

On 29 October 2015, the University Board of the University of Bergen (UiB) approved the university’s new strategy. The strategy is brought into effect in January 2016.

The new strategic plan is called “Ocean, Life, Society”.

“It is more important than ever to tell the story of UiB. “Ocean, Life, Society” tells volumes of our work and the challenges the world faces today. At the same time, the words tell the story of our history and the foundations of our research and education,” says Rector of UiB, Dag Rune Olsen.

The strategy makes research on climate and energy transition a new main research area at the university. The other main research areas are marine research and development research.

UiB gives itself four main tasks in the new plan: “We explore”, “We educate”, “We develop” and “We challenge”.

“The strategic plan can be considered as a document to our values, saying what we wish to be and our goals for the future. It is important for UiB to position itself both globally and nationally. This is reflected in the strategic plan,” says Rector Dag Rune Olsen.


Clear strategic goals

The strategy launches four concrete strategic goals to be reached between 2016 and 2022.

  • UiB is to develop more leading research environments. Within 2022, all faculties will have world class disciplines and several disciplines of high international standard.
  • UiB will educate the most sought-after candidates in Norway. Within 2022, 85 per cent of UiB’s candidates will be employed in a relevant job within two years of graduating.
  • Within 2022, UiB will be a sought-after institution of competence, with strengthened relations to government, industry, the arts, and society.
  • UiB is to contribute to the public debate and the knowledge based development of society through excellent dissemination and dialogue. Within 2022, UiB will be leading in the field of digital dissemination in Norway.


Clusters for the future

The means and steps to reach the goals are made clear in the final part of the strategy.

Among other things, collaboration and external financing are to be strengthened. UiB is to improve research and education across disciplines and departments. All departments are to establish strategies on how to meet new students in the best possible way.

Along with local partners, UiB will contribute to establish several knowledge clusters, based on interdisciplinary cooperation. The clusters will be established in fields where UiB is already established internationally, and will be an important tool in developing new research and educational environments of excellence. Several of these clusters are already in development: Media City Bergen, a marine research cluster and a climate research cluster are some examples.

“The knowledge clusters will be important tools in developing cooperation with other institutions and businesses,” says Rector Dag Rune Olsen.

During the project of establishing the strategy, UiB’s two main research areas, marine research and development research were evaluated by two expert panels. Both areas were described as world class. Their statuses as main research areas are maintained in the strategy. Research on climate and energy transition is now officially as a third main research area.


Including UiB and society

The work on the strategy has been an open and extensive process.

“The process itself has been nearly as valuable as the strategy itself. The strategy opens up for big opportunities. Now, it is up to the departments and UiB to make the most of these opportunities,” says Pro-Rector of UiB, Anne Lise Fimreite.

Working on the strategy has involved dialogue meetings, cooperation with the University board, debate and information through UiB’s web pages. Every employee and student as well as external institutions and persons has had the possibility to speak their mind, and there have been presentations relevant to the project from a range of person of interest.

All documents, presentations and data have been published on UiB’s web pages.

In 2019, all employees and students will be invited to assess and evaluate the measures put into motion through the new strategy.