The PhD interviews

From life in Chinese organisations to steroid use and neck injuries – catch up on highlights from this year's PhD research at the University of Bergen in 2015.

Six Ph.D. candidates in seremonial robes
NEW DOCTORS: Arnt E. Skjefstad, Vivian Astrup Felde, Dominic Sagoe, Sigrid Samset Mygland, Hans Jørgen Gåsemyr and Solbjørg Makalani Myrtveit. The picture was taken during the PhD ceremony at the University hall, August 2015.
Eivind Senneset

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The University of Bergen (UiB) is a comprehensive university, with our six faculties covering all the classic academic disciplines. Our researchers make exciting discoveries in fields as diverse as neck injuries and organisational life in China to Medieval women in Bergen and use of steroids – along with many other subjects.

Researchers and students at UiB are exploring the fundamental questions, from the origin of the universe through the history of mankind and to the future of Earth.

On this page we present a selection of our PhD candidates. Six graduates from the spring semester 2015, one graduate from each of our faculties. We obviously discussed their research, but also how they dealt with life as a young researcher at UiB.

The photos for this special feature were shot on 28 August 2015, as part of the doctor promotion at the University Aula. The doctor promotion takes place at UiB twice a year, on respectively the last Friday of January and the last Friday of August. This is a grand ceremony where the PhD graduates from the previous semester are celebrated.

You can read the interviews with our six chosen PhD candidates by following the links below (more will be added as they are published):