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Are we living in a century of floods or drought? In a time with radical changes in sea level? The Age of Uncertainty conference is about the relationship between water and social development.
Disneyland is an amusement park for dead children. Hundreds of thousands of people profess to be members of a religion, which in fact, only exists on film. This is what happens when popular culture takes over religion.
Researchers at UiB have tested theories about the development of the universe. To carry out the tests, they copied the Big Bang.
More doctors’ degrees were conferred at the University of Bergen in 2010, than ever before. 111 doctors were honoured in January.
At UiB, we hope that most students study abroad for a part of their degree. See the film from the opening of International week, and learn why international student mobility is so important.
Students from Nepal have spent six months at UiB, and have experienced the University's international culture. This week is UiB International week.
The century old whale skeletons at Bergen Museum are getting an "extreme makeover" to preserve them for the future. Meet the professional whale washers in this video.
It was necessary for John Arvid Grytnes and Ernst Nordtveit to step in and hold the opening lecture at the biodiversity conference in Kathmandu in Nepal, at very short notice.