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– There is no simple or unambigious connection between population growth and poverty, according to Vigdis Broch-Due. Her research in northern Kenya questions stereotypical views of poverty.
Economics professor Victor Norman was in a provocative mood when he addressed the students and young researchers at the Bergen Summer Research School this afternoon.
– Three hundred million people will become climate refugees by 2050. This will lead to political changes in Europe, thinks Atiq Rahman, director of the Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies.
The higher education system needs to transform itself to solve the global challenges of poverty reduction, health policy, and climate change.
New research shows that the human brain was surprisingly advanced more than 100,000 years ago.
The Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale measures the level of restlessness for people who are addicted to social media.
Next week 75 students and young scientists from all over the world gather for the fourth annual Bergen Summer Research School. Once again the aim is to focus on global issues, and to promote dialogue and foster interdisciplinary collaboration.
A new ocean laboratory on the floor of the Norwegian Sea will provide scientists with real time data. The observatory can give us a better understanding of the ocean.
On Tuesday the University of Bergen will arrange a meeting in support of those affected by the crisis in Japan.
How much CO2 are the oceans able to absorb, and will this change because of global warming? Scientists from all over the world are searching for the answer.
Most people are reluctant to give first aid because they are afraid of making a mistake. Georg Bollig has taught first aid to children in a kindergarten in Bergen.
The job market will need even more academics in the future, especially economists and science graduates.
Norms, values, language and culture is the theme for the 2011 Bergen Summer Research School (BSRS). This international, interdisciplinary research School attracts participants from all over the world. The deadline for applications is getting closer.
There are children from 21 different countries at Fantoft Gård kindergarten. This probably explains why the personnel have become experts on international children.
When you stand in front of a blackboard with chalk in your hand, you know that what you draw is seen immediately. There are no complications. Nothing can go wrong.
Are we living in a century of floods or drought? In a time with radical changes in sea level? The Age of Uncertainty conference is about the relationship between water and social development.
Disneyland is an amusement park for dead children. Hundreds of thousands of people profess to be members of a religion, which in fact, only exists on film. This is what happens when popular culture takes over religion.
Researchers at UiB have tested theories about the development of the universe. To carry out the tests, they copied the Big Bang.