Norwegian Panel of Public Administrators
Coordinated Online Panels


Coordinated Online Panels for Research on Democracy and Governance in Norway (KODEM) allows multiple projects to share common observational platforms (i.e. online panels).


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KODEM is a new, national infrastructure for data collection covering the entire core of the structure of democratic governance. The largest research universities (UiO, NTNU, and UiB) and leading research and infrastructure environments in Norway (ISF, NORCE, UiA, NSD) are included in the consortium.

A pilot was carried through during the fall of 2020/winter 2021 and included the following sub panels: 

Norwegian Citizen Panel 

The Norwegian Citizen Panel (Norsk medborgerpanel, NMP) was established by Professor Elisabeth Ivarsflaten in 2012 at DIGSSCORE, UiB. It is a research-purpose internet panel with approximately 9,000 active participants. The establishment of the panel was funded by the Bergen Research Foundation’s Infrastructure Program and UiB strategic funds (2016-2020). The panel consists of a probability sample of the general Norwegian population above the age of 18 drawn from the Norwegian Population Registry. Participants spend on average 15 minutes three times annually answering questions online.

Panel of Elected Representatives

The Panel of Elected Representatives (Representantpanelet, PER) was established by Researcher Yvette Peters in 2018 at DIGSSCORE, UiB. It is funded by the Bergen Research Foundation’s Starting Grant program. PER recruits from a base of all Norwegian elected representatives at national, county, and municipality levels as well as representatives in the Sami parliament. The first survey was fielded in March 2018. The panel consist of 4,300 Norwegian elected representatives. Participants answer questions for 7 minutes annually.

The Panel of Public Administrators

The Panel of Public Administrators (Norsk forvaltningspanel, NFP) is in the process of being established by Professor Jarle Trondal from the University of Agder, Professor Tobias Bach from the University of Oslo, and Jacob Aars, head of Department of Administration and Organization Theory, UiB. NFP will recruit from a base of public administrators at all levels of government — national, regional, local. The recruitment strategy builds upon the experiences of the unique Central Administration Survey, which has been fielded to central government officials every ten years since 1976. NFP will target all officials in ministries and a sample of officials in public organizations. With the establishment of KODEM, we will identify and recruit participants, conduct the necessary data protection preparations with the aim of making NFP permanent; national time-sharing will be established; and data collection will be executed twice annually.

Norwegian Journalist Panel 

The Panel of Journalists (Norsk journalistpanel, NJP) has been fully prepared to launch by Professor Stefan Dahlberg and his team at UiB. It will recruit from all members of the Norwegian Union of Journalists (Norsk Journalistlag, about 8,000 members) and Association of Norwegian Editors (Norsk Redaktørforening, about 720 members). This includes most journalists and editors in Norway. The two unions have agreed to assist in inviting their members to join the panel. We estimate that the panel will consist of about 3-4,000 participants, but due to known annual changes in union memberships, new participants will be recruited every third year. With the establishment of KODEM, NJP will become permanent and will be managed accordingly; national time-sharing will be established; and data collection will be executed twice annually.