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Karina Garnes Reigstad (City of Bergen) – Green Cluster in Bergen

Karina Garnes Reigstad, advisor at the Department of Business Development in the City of Bergen, held a presentation in Bergen Energy Lab on September 26.

Karina Garnes Reigstad
Karina Garnes Reigstad (City of Bergen)
Bergen Energy Lab

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The City of Bergen has ambitious plans for the future. Bergen is a “green city in development”, which aims to become the leading city in Norway within innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable business development by 2025. Key to this is the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which the City of Bergen is actively pursuing. The Department of Business Development is trying to create more jobs in the city that will contribute to reach the sustainability goals.

The action plan for business development for 2017-2018 mentions three measures for renewable energy: to develop a green cluster, establish a display centre for renewable energy and work towards the “Bergen Science City”. However, the Department of Business Development is actively seeking new projects to stimulate green growth and sustainable development in Bergen.

“bGreen” will be the name of the green business cluster in Bergen. It is currently in a pre-project phase led by Greenstat and supported by the City of Bergen and Hordaland County Council. The project has included tasks such as finding a suitable location, developing a graphical profile, name and website, and making a plan for the main project that will run in the period 2018-2020.

The Bergen Energy Lab is very excited to see the future development of a green cluster in Bergen!

Read more in Karina’s presentation attached below.