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Midtveisevaluering - Libin Shi

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We are conducting a multiple-center, randomized clinical trial with the title of “NOrwegian study of PERSistent Atrial Fibrillation treatment: cryoballoon versus radiofrequency catheter ablation (NO PERS-AF study)”. The number of clinicaltrial.gov registration is “NCT03008811”. Three centers join this study: Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, St Olavs Hospital in Trondheim and UNN in Tromsø. Patients with persistent atrial fibrillation will be enrolled and randomized into either cryo-ablation or radiofrequency ablation group. So far 40 patients have been enrolled and followed up. Recurrences of atrial arrhythmias (atrial fibrillation, flutter and tachycardia over 30 seconds, quality of life, complications during procedure and data of atrial remodeling evaluated by echocardiography and CT have been recorded recorded. We plan to finish the patient enrollment at the autumn of 2018, and finish the follow-op at the autumn of 2019.

Several parallel studies on radiofrequency catheter ablation and cryoballoon ablation have been conducted. Three abstracts have been presented at international conferences, and one manuscript based on those findings has been finished and will be submitted in the near future. I have also participated in other studies under the same main project and two papers have been published.