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Procedures and rules for ERC applications

Do not forget this, when you draft your ERC applications at UiB

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Planning and writing an ERC application can make you exhausted and euphoric. In order to avoid last minute stress, please follow the guideline below for all supporting aspects.


1) Fill out the internal declaration as soon as you know you will apply. Your local research support team can give you the latest version. Let your head of department sign it and return it to Liv-Grethe Gudmundsen (a scanned pdf is ok)

She will use this to produce and upload the mandatory host support letter.

If you want to change the project name later, let Liv-Grethe or your adviser know.

2) Register for the call on the participant portal (it will open about 12 weeks before the deadline) and add Liv-Grethe as coordinator contact with the email post@fa.uib.no

3) The online forms will need input from you. Especially the budget, your time commitment and ethical issues. Take yourself some time to think of free keywords for your research, this helps to identify panel members best suited to evaluate your application.

4) Other uploads:The PhD diploma for upload must be in any of the EU languages, Latin is also accepted. Norwegian language must be translated.

Supporting documentation like birth certificates, certificates for paternal leave or declarations about sick leaves must also be translated to English. For children born in Norway you can ask Skatteetaten for an English version.

Take care to save them in a way that makes them identifiable. whatisit_acronym_yourlastname.pdf

5) Ethics- the online form contains a series of questions about ethical issues. They ask you to state page numbers- these are the pages in B2 where you mention ethically sensitive research.

Ethical issues that you cannot fully answer online need an extra annex. To produce it, use a blank page and give it the headings needed (PI last name - Ethical issues annex- ACRONYM) 

Then you start with the issues you identified; Issue- your response - possibly a link or reference to a supporting document like the consent from an organisation - your adviser can help.

Save this as Ethical_Issue_Annex_acronym_lastname.pdf with your acronym and last name.

6) B1 and B2

Once both are finished, save them also as B1_acronym_yourlastname.pdf and B2_acronym_yourlastname.pdf and upload them.

7) Submission: you can upload new versions and submit them as many times as you want before the call deadline, only the newest version will be available to your reviewers.