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Migration, History and the Question of Voice

SKOK og forskerne i WAIT-prosjektet inviterer til åpent seminar med Knut Graw.

Streetart showing a drowning migrant
Tomas Salem

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Anonymity is one of the most salient features of migration today and in the past. Concentrating on an individual account of migration from before the highly mediatized boat arrivals of West African migrants in Europe, this talk attempts to understand some of the dynamics and motivations underlying the recent history of migration between West Africa and Europe.

By focusing on an individual narrative, the seminar aims at developing a perspective that may allow us to grasp the individual dimension of migration as well as the historical nature of the border regimes governing individual migration trajectories, addressing questions of both, history and voice. Connecting fields of bodily experience, subjectivity and politics alike, the question of voice emerges as an important site to think about the complex interplay of historical, subjective and gendered dimensions of migration and its underlying social realities.

All interested are welcome!