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Writing the synopsis in a doctoral thesis


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The main course goal is to introduce PhD-candidates to how to write the synopsis in an article based PhD-thesis, and show examples of how to complete a synopsis for a doctoral thesis. Throughout the course the Phd students will develop their understanding of the guidelines from The Norwegian qualifications framework, 3. cycle (PhD) (KD 2014), Recommended Guidelines for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD) (Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions 2015) and the PhD-programs. Throughout the course it will be discussed what kind of implications these guidelines can have for their synopsis the PhD’s own doctoral thesis. The course aims to develop the PhD students’ abilities to write their own synopsis in a coherent and transparent way.

After completing the course, the PhD students will have general knowledge about:


  • The purpose of a synopsis in an article based PhD thesis
  • The national and institutional guidelines for writing the synopsis
  • The main elements of the synopsis
  • The required coherence in the synopsis
  • The required transparency in the synopsis
  • Ways of presenting findings in your synopsis