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Research group for legal culture

Research projects

The research group's members is at all time involved in research projects. Here you will find information on some of them.

Illustrasjon av det juridiske fakultet
Henrik Solbakke, UiB

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Research projects

Recycling Medieval Law

An interdisciplinery research project with Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies.

Interdisciplinary research project on Hanseatic Court Records from the Hanseatic Office in Bergen

The research project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the state archives in Lübeck, Hanseatic Museum in Bergen, the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Law.

Early modern forms of Global Governance – New perspectives on the intellectual and institutional structures of the Hanseatic League

The research project is a collaborative project including the University of Bergen, the University of Innlandet, the University of Lund, the University of Tartu, Universität Hamburg and Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.

Cycle Ius Commune at Borders: Borders of Ius Commune

Interdisciplinary PhD-seminar on Compilation and Authority (in cooperation with ATTR)


"Ideas about the purpose of the state in Norwegian legal and political thought between 1814 and the First World War"

Marius Mikkel Kjølstad is writing his doctoral thesis on ideas about the purpose of the state in Norwegian legal and political thought between 1814 and the First World War. The project investigates fundamental ideas about what tasks the state was supposed to carry out in the said period. Moreover, the study aims to clarify the historical functions of such ideas within legal thinking. The overarching ambition is to gain a deeper insight into the state theory of a period of great import in modern Norwegian history.

"Children as victims of sexual abuse"

The main research question in Siri Elisabeth Bernssen's doctoral thesis is how and why the Norwegian criminal laws regarding sexual abuse of children has developed during the last 200 years. In addition to the material legal development, the project also aims to discuss the normative ideas that are underlying the changes.

"Rules on delegation in Norwegian administrative law"

Tarjei Ellingsen Røsvoll is writing a thesis on the rules on delegation of public authority in Norwegian administrative law. A central part of this thesis consists in understanding the development of the rules on delegation as part of the establishment of modern administrative law, and thus how the role of these rules have changed. The overarching aim is to understand the rules of today, partly through an analysis of the historical conditions for their emergence.

Previous research projects

Nordic and Germanic Legal Methods – A Legal Comparative Analysis 2012-2014.

The project is funded by the Meltzer-fondet, FU-UiB, E-On Ruhrgas and Deutsch-Nordischer Juristenbund. The project was in the running for Juristforbundets prize in 2015. Contributers: Ingvill Helland, Johan Bouch, Sören Koch, Dag Michalsen, Hans Peter Haferkamp, Jørn Øyrehagen Sunde, og flere andre.

The project also resulted in the book Nordic and Germanic Legal Methods written by Ingvill Helland and Sören Koch.

Fordom og forventning: ei handbok i rettshistorisk metode.

Written by Jørn Øyrehagen Sunde.

Grunnloven i skjæringspunktet mellom erfaring og visjon

Retten og det norske - Rettslig grunnlag for fremveksten av en norsk identitet mellom 1814 og 2014

Høyesteretts historie frem til 2015