Western Norway Graduate School of Educational Research II

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Qualitative Metasynthesis

Main lecturer: Professor Kirsti Malterud, UiB. Co-lecturer: Professor Rune Johan Krumsvik, UiB


Main content

The main course goal is to introduce Phd students to the genre of qualitative metasynthesis, and show how to complete this for a doctoral thesis.

Throughout the course the Phd students will develop their understanding of different types of qualitative metasynthesis and what purposes these can have in their own research.

In addition, the course aims to develop the Phd students’ abilities and knowledge for designing and completing their own qualitative metasynthesis through familiarizing them with different kinds of research design, databases, search protocols and methods, data.

1 ECTS (attendance) or 3 study points (attendance + paper) A new course description will be added