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Periodontitis and lung function

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It is hypothesized that removing the dental biofilm reduce the source of inflammatory bacteria that can reach the lungs, and thereby reduce lung inflammation and lead to improved lung function.

The PhD project “The impact of oral bacteria on lung function and inflammation” aims to investigate if treatment of periodontitis (gum disease) in a relatively young and healthy population can improve lung function. 

Recruitment of participants for Bergen Oral Intervention Study – BORALIS will start spring 2021. Participants with mild to moderate forms of periodontitis will have lung function measured at several time points before and after they receive treatment of periodontitis. Oral bacterial samples will also be collected before and after periodontitis treatment.

Linking periodontal disease and lung health provides a rationale for an oral hygiene program to improve both oral and respiratory health – preventing future respiratory disease and other conditions associated with poor oral health. Patients suffering from diseases like asthma and COPD can be treated, but not cured – therefore, prevention is key!

Further, we will study the association between periodontitis status and lung function in the Malmø Offspring Dental Study (MODS).