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Supervision Forum for PhD supervisors

Seminar, Supervision Forum for PhD supervisors 27.01.2022

Welcome to the Supervision Forum for PhD supervisors at the Faculty of Social Sciences!

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The next edition of SV’s Supervisors’ Forum will take place on 27 January 10.00-11-00 (@ Zoom). We will discuss how to think about PhD supervision in a time when it is very competitive to get a job at a university.

One reason for this increased competition is the global job market for academics. In this context: How to balance one’s own academic expectations as supervisor with the expectations of the (university) job market? And how to appreciate more precisely what are the expectations in a globalized competitive marked for academic jobs (which arguably differs between disciplines)

Initial Speaker: Michael Tatham (Sampol)

Moderator: Cornelius Cappelen

The seminar will be held in English.

The Zoom link will be shared after registration to the seminar.