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Information for International Students and Researchers

There are a number of different opportunities for international students and researchers to study and research digital culture with our program at the University of Bergen.

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Sunset seen from Mount Fløyen
Scott Rettberg

We particularly encourage undergraduate or master's students who are studying related subjects at their home institutions in Europe to spend a semester or a year here while taking advantage of the ERASMUS program. We are also working on specifically articulated exchange agreements with other digital culture programs in Nordic countries and in the USA. All international students must have a high level of competency in English in order to study in our program. Some information about the different types of opportunities for international students and researchers follows.

Undergraduate and Master's students at institutions participating in the EU-sponsored Erasmus program are encouraged to apply to study at the University of Bergen for one or two semesters. Erasmus students receive guaranteed housing, as well as funding for return travel from their home country and a small monthly stipend in addition to the support they receive from their home country. We particularly welcome undergraduate and master's students studying digital culture at their home institutions to apply. Students or faculty at European institutions where digital culture is studied may contact Scott Rettberg (scott.rettberg@uib.no) about making arrangements to establish ERASMUS exchange agreements between UiB humanistic informatics and a program at their home institution. See our curriculum page for information about which courses are taught in English. Applications must be received by UiB by May 15th for Fall semester enrollment or October 15th for Spring semester enrollment.

Bilateral Exchange Agreements
In addition to ERASMUS, students from institutions with which UiB has a bilateral exchange agreement may take courses in humanistic informatics as exchange students. Faculty at other institutions abroad where digital culture is an important aspect of the curriculum interested in developing a bilateral exchange can contact Scott Rettberg (scott.rettberg@uib.no) about establishing an agreement.

International Applicants to the Master's Program
International students wishing to complete a Master's degree in our program are also encouraged to apply. Foreign students completing an M.A. at UiB are not eligible for state support of their living expenses and must be self-financed, however no tuition is charged for guest students. We particularly encourage students interested in writing theses in our principle research areas such as digital textuality, electronic literature, gender and technology, social networks and MMOGs, and ICT and learning to apply. Additional support might be available for students students from developing countries and countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia applying under the quota scheme. Applications for Fall admission to the MA program must be received by February 1. Applications under the quota scheme must be received by December 1.

Ph.D. Applicants
International students may apply to complete a doctoral degree in digital culture at the University of Bergen. Ph.D. stipends are awarded through an annual competitive process across the humanities faculty.

Guest Researchers
Ph.D. students studying at other institutions and faculty wishing to research at UiB humanistic informatics are encouraged to contact individual faculty members who they are interested in working with. Visiting Ph.D. students may attend classes without paying tuition, and access to research facilities can be arranged. There are also funding opportunities for distinguished researchers from other institutions to visit UiB as a guest researcher, for example, Stuart Moulthrop was a visiting researcher here in 2007. Applications for guest researcher funding may be submitted by UiB faculty April 1 for Fall and October 1 for Spring each year. UiB has a website with useful information for foreign researchers.